A Zambezi River Lodge
  • Victoria Falls is in a malaria area. All guests should consult their doctor on suitable medication to take to prevent this.
  • NO Yellow Fever innoculations are required for Zimbabwe.
  • Zimbabwe does not have its own currency at present. While most major foreign currencies are accepted everything is priced in USD and this is the most widely accepted currency.
  • Credit cards are accepted at the aZambezi River Lodge. VISA, MasterCard and American Express can be used to make payments. 
  • Have cash to pay for visas, entrance to the Victoria Falls rainforest and curio purchases.
  • Victoria Falls is a very safe tourist destination. You may get bugged to purchase a curio or two from street vendors but in our opinion this is nowhere on the scale you would encounter in East Africa. That doesn' mean you should not take suitable precautions with your valuables.
  • Victoria Falls has Tourism Police that roam the streets to ensure the safety of visitors.
Getting Around
  • Victoria Falls is a really small town so most places in town can be reached on foot; for anything a bit further you can use a cab.
  • The a'Zambezi offers a shuttle between the hotel and the entrance to the Falls and town.
  • Guests are usually collected at the hotel reception for booked activities.
Our Top Suggestions 
  • Be sure to drink enough water. Vic Falls can get really hot, especially for our non African visitors.
  • Be sure to apply sunblock and wear a hat when outdoors.
  • Be prepared to get wet when you visit the Victoria Falls rainforest so wear shoes that don't slip and make sure your passport, camera and cash don't get soaked! There are umbrellas and raincoats for hire but even those can get thoroughly wet in high water!